Alex Pardee's WayCooler


"Does for the mind what meat does for the teeth." - Matt Maiellaro, Co-Creator of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

This app makes EVERYTHING Way Cooler.

Yes, we know, your photos are cool. But with this art & sticker app you can make every photo you have WAY COOLER.

From renown artist Alex Pardee (Zerofriends, Chadam, Zack Snyder's SuckerPunch) and 99centbrains (developer of CATWANG) comes "WAYCOOLER"!

Utilize 100 FREE hand drawn art assets to add to your photos to make them WayCooler.
Use your fingers to dive into a tiny ice cooler and choose from an unlimited supply of eyes, noses, hands, ears, teeth, shapes, disease infested ears, and wings, and explore the infinite possibilities of ways that you can make your photos WayCooler.

1. Take photo, choose a photo from your library, or start with a blank canvas.
2. Choose from 6 categories and 100 FREE body parts to add to your photos.
3. Squish those items everywhere on your photos. Scale, rotate, copy, flip, move, and change colors of every item.
4. Share your creations on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.
5. Tag your photos with #WayCooler and follow Alex Pardee to find out about exclusive giveaways, creation contests, and more.


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All "WayCooler" art, assets and design elements are © Alex Pardee/Zerofriends, 2012.
No art or art elements, including art created using existing "WayCooler" assets, can be reproduced in any physical form without written permission from Alex Pardee/Zerofriends except for review purposes.