David Choe's - Choebot


"I got something to catch my ADD no attention span, attention for a second, I hacked and sliced all my photos and painting and made a free sticker app, to drive me crazy and even more distractions to my life. Play with me and play with yourself, why wouldnt you its free! Its my gift to you, its worth it just to put a humungous unicorn boil zit cysts on all your friends or put yourself into my paintings and give yourself asian eyes with no makeup or surgery! Use me and abuse me, probably do a contest at some point so have fun kids!" - David Choe


After the success of Alex Pardee's "WayCooler" mobile sticker app, San Francisco-based Upper Playground teamed up with @99centbrains to create a new free mobile app: "Choebot," which allows you to apply David Choe's artwork to your photos or your parent's faces.

Source: Juxtapoz Magazine


Published November 2012