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Hello, I'm Franky

I live in Boyle Heights, and I'm a marketing Ninja!


I’m an artist/graphic designer/developer/entreprenuer living here in Los Angeles CA. I got my start in the industry by developing iPhone apps for awesome clients like Snoop Dogg, Steve Aoki, Major lazer and many others. I’ve launched over 50 digital products in just the last 4 years. My skill set in managment, marketing, and general brand organization I’ve been refining for almost a decade.

I know how to work effieciently and I can do just about anything with high detail and percision.

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Why does this all matter?

After years of building technology products and apparrel brands I realized that once you build something, it doesnt mean its going to sell. The indusry is full of saturation, and you need to have strategic marketing and hot content to even get noticed. 

My goal is to find a small set of clients whom I can work close with to help grow business. Providing you with solutions for getting more customers, more foot traffic, and even growing your social following. I’m here to work with local business owners who want to focus less on marketing and more on their passion.  💯


Marketing your business shouldn't be hard, confusing, or ultra spendy.

Here's what I can do. 


Getting You Setup
Theres little setup involved. It's pretty simple, I'll show you how to effectively utilize your Instagram and Facebook pages to get more visits, photo likes, and shares. My job is to audit your business and figure out how to create detailed targeting metrics to find people in LA who are most likely to shop with you. 


Already using Instagram and Facebook? Well you're in luck. We'll use these platforms to get more visits to your place of business. Even if you have little or no PR about your shop, I can get your pics and pages in front of 1000s of people in your area. Leave it up to me.


Maybe you have great content or your don't. I have years of graphic design and camera work experience under my belt. I can help you craft content to keep your followers engaged and in the loop. 


Lets get started!



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I've lived in or around the Arts District for Years now. I know the shops, where to get a good drink, even where to park so you don't have to pay. ;)
Trust someone who knows the area not a random agency on the internet located across the globe.


Local Companies I've worked with.