Looking to launch your own sticker or emoji pack?

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What I offer

It's a no brainer that over the past few years I've distributed millions of pieces of custom drawn content. I've drawn emojis and stickers for large brands, influencer personalities, and even my own custom content.


How I work

You give me the ideas and the headshots, I do the rest. I will custom draw your reference images in the style of your liking. I design digital illustrations made to scale. Use your sticker pack as an iMessage Keyboard or translate your icons to print. Its up to you.


Want your content published?

I offer that too!

Not only will I design your custom sticker/emoji pack. I can also publish your app as an iMessage Keyboard. Giving you access to millions of iOS devices, its the hottest way to engage your brand and bring awareness.



Take a look at some of my illustration packs


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